You should come to see us for a complete physical examination annually if you are over 40 years of age, are on chronic medications, or have any chronic medical problems. If you are younger than 40, come in for a baseline physical and your doctor will discuss how often you need to return.
A complete physical differs from a routine office visit because it is a more comprehensive medical history and physical examination for which more time is allotted. It includes a review of all medical problems, medications, and recommended screening tests appropriate for your age and history. Your physician may also want to include an EKG and spirometry (to evaluate heart and lung function), as well as a series of lab tests (bloodwork). You may be asked to come in for your bloodwork a week prior to your appointment so that results can be available for discussion during your visit.
Most of the internists in GIMP do NOT include gynecology in their practices. Patients are advised to see their gynecologist for this care. The two exceptions are Dr. Drue Ferrante and Dr. Alexis Dell who do include GYN care in their practices.
Absolutely! We welcome teenagers over 16 years of age.
We are fortunate to work with a team of physicians AHG (Alachua Hospitalist Group) who specialize in hospital-based care. The hospitalist physicians frequently provide in-hospital care for our patients if there is a need for hospitalization. This arrangement leaves us more available for our patients in our office and provides our hospitalized patients with quality 24-hour specialist care.